Support the North York Concert Band

Many of the Band's performances are provided free of charge to the general public.  As a registered charitable organization, the North York Concert Band seeks donations each year from businesses and individuals to ensure its continued success.

The North York Concert Band gratefully acknowledges the support received from the following individuals and businesses:

  • Samuel Ackerman Barrister & Solicitor
  • Alan Brown, X-Sell Realty Ltd.
  • Lenoard Feigman, Q.C.
  • Anna Gangbar
  • Sydney Gangbar, Q.C.
  • Jim Gray
  • The Kichler Family
  • Horlick Levitt
  • The Libfeld Family
  • Linder, Lanni LLP Chartered Accountants
  • Miller Thompson LLP Barristers & Solicitors
  • Norman Hill Realty Ltd.
  • 607448 Ontario Ltd.
  • P. Salna Company Ltd.
  • Bill Roscoe
  • Edythe Salsburg
  • David and Luba Smushckowitz
  • Daryl R. Similas, CFP Private Investors Inc.
  • T.D. Canada Trust
  • Tori Simpson
  • TSA Electric Inc.
  • Viewmark Homes Ltd.
  • Steven Yee
  • Goldstein Financial Consultants
  • Cedarbrook Financial Inc.
  • Norman Lotchy
  • Sam and Shirley Rabenzahl
  • St. Andrew's Poultry, Ont. Inc.
  • Harris & Partners Inc.
  • Dundee Securities Corporation
  • Elizabeth, Leonard, Sarah, Jack and Max Gangbar

If you would like to make a donation to the band please contact Nick Nasturzio